In our area, there are certainly pockets of homes where there are more buyers out there than homes for sale. When this happens, sometimes sellers feel they have all the control. They actually do have control over some things such as which offer they want to accept, the closing date, and what repairs, if any, they are willing to make.

However, a warning to sellers- I warn you against taking risks and not losing a good buyer by going after more. 

Things can change and often do. A buyer might not be able to get financing if interest rates go up, your home may not appraise since values have been on the rise.  The building inspection may find things you never knew even existed.  

Sellers may think they can make the buyers jump through hoops because it's a "seller's market" but what happens if they've had enough and have to walk away?  You have to start all over. The days on market have already added up, others may ask what's wrong with the house since it's back on the market. Interest rates may have gone up, might be bad timing in the calendar year, etc..  It may be weeks or months before you get another offer and I'm pretty sure it will be less than the original offer. 

If you have a ready, willing, and able buyer, try to treat others as you would like to be treated.